Film Projects

Young Leonardo

Leonardo da Vinci as the Dennis the Menace of the Renaissance

A feature length screenplay

By Marta Jorgensen (Missy M)

LOGLINE: Eleven-year-old Leonardo da Vinci, the Dennis the Menace of Vinci with an I.Q. of 4000(not really) is a quirky, lonely genius who lives in his imagination. His mission is to stop the egomaniacal art teacher, Master Guiseppifrutti, from bombing all the art works in Florence and to rescue his buddy, eleven-year-old Mona Lisa.

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Young Leonardo by Marta Jorgensen

The inspiration for Greenhouse came from Jeremy Rivkin’s famous book Entropy.


A feature length screenplay.


Major Maggie Campbell and her crew, Major Diane Rainey, Major Kamiko Matsumoto, Samuel Lentz, Woody Jones and an AI named Sarge run the space station called Greenhouse I. The space station is the nursery and sanctuary for plants and animals that are missing from Earth’s surface. Their mission is repopulate the Earth and bring balance back to the ecosystem. John Feinlein , the ever efficient, robotic CEO of the Alliance Chemical Corporation worries about his bottom line. Air and water sales make for good profits and his board wants him to do something about those pesky do-gooders up on Greenhouse I. Feinlein has a plan… let the games begin.

Greenhouse by Marta Jorgensen


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