Homeworld/The Book of Althea

One Hour Sci-Fi Drama Series Pilot and Bible

Althea… Everyone has a story… this is mine…

Two Aliens come to Earth in Paleolithic times to establish a new life, have children, and record their time on Earth using a Quantum recording device they created. 40,000 years later, all hell breaks loose when the recording device, called The Book of Althea arrives in the present time with power and knowledge. But only Mellessa Hughes, can access it.

Out in the Regulus System, on the Traburan Homeworld, years of political destabilization between the ruling council and Military factions have forced Free Leaders, Jaison and Althea into exile. Desperate and with the help of a growing alliance, they commandeer the long-range Presidential Cruiser and set out to find a new home world. They call it Nador, we call it Earth…

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