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As an Urban Story Teller, I scour the news of the day, eavesdrop on conversations, and am just plain nosey. Life is a treasure trove of stories. In 2023 we are bringing these stories to the people who want relevant TV and film projects.

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Susan Kaminski: 9 Jul. 2021 New Play Exchange Review

“I am not an avid reader of tabloids, but Tabloid is a funny and exciting play. Marta Jorgensen’s portrayal of Rhoda Haynes, disgraced playwright, is captivating and relatable. It was enjoyable meeting the larger-than-life personalities of this script in their bright coloured tabloid world. I would highly recommend this for anyone who likes reading about celebrity news being bandied about. Besides, the music and lyrics are great too.

Our latest review on our musical project, Tabloid, from fellow playwright, Tom David Barna.

So what do you get when you mix a singing ghost in chains, a Chia Pet based on alien technology, a sleaze queen you just have to love (I know I do), fake news, innuendos, lots of secrets and more rumors and gossip mongering than you can shake a stick at? Oh and did I mention songs, dancing and dark humor? And please don’t tell me there will be redemption….but who am I to spoil a great story? Tabloid by Marta Jorgensen is a journey you have to take. Never a dull moment is putting it lightly, you think you know what’s next, but you’re wrong. It’s better. And the wit is just one of the killers (“How did you get in here?……The door….How did you get in here?). It’s okay to laugh…trust me…you will. And don’t worry, the Ghost will be back. A must read. A must show. Play it again, Sheila.

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